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I’ve had back pain since 1983, and because I was misdiagnosed by the medical world, I lived with this pain until 2001, when my disc finally ruptured. I had back surgery that year and again in 2014 after putting up with pain in my back and pain shooting down into both my legs. After each surgery I had some relief at first, and then the pain returned. I also had restless leg syndrome. Periodically one of my legs would let go, making me stumble. I was prescribed physical therapy. To help me deal with the pain, the medical doctors told me to take large doses of ibuprofen throughout the day; this irritated the lining of my stomach and throat, so I had to quit before I started bleeding. (I later learned that ibuprofen and other NSAID’s damage your kidneys, too. I consider myself fortunate that I was forced off of them, but then I needed another way to treat the pain.) I was prescribed Vioxx, which appeared to work at first, but then it was taken off the market because of bad side effects. The doctors then gave me gabapentin (prescription name Neurontin) that carries its own list of nasty side effects, and it did not relieve the pain. In desperation from pain (and lack of sleep because of pain), I jumped through lots of hoops to get my insurance company to cover prescription Lyrica, even though I knew it had the potential to cause some serious side effects. It was mildly effective in lessening my pain (it did not help my sleep) for some months, but then it made my muscles hurt terribly and my ankles swell—signs of muscle-wasting, a very serious side effect. I stopped the Lyrica. Then I entered Dr. Mark Brusveen’s realm in 2015. Knowing that he could not heal me completely because by then I had fibromyalgia (a result of nerve endings having been pinched/damaged over all those years), and arthritis in my thoracic area, I would have been happy with 25% pain relief. I can say that Dr. B has given me about 45% relief, which is quite significant for me. I am sleeping better, and I learned that restless legs are caused by pinched nerves. I stand all day at work, and my legs used to scream at me all day and be unbearable once I got home. Now, the pain is mildly annoying. I had months of physical therapy (along with its high cost). It seemed to help some at first, but the symptoms always came back. Now I know why: physical therapies (and/or massages) don’t fix the problem you have with the structure of your spine. For that you need an adjustment—from a skilled chiropractor who uses specific methods. When your spine is aligned properly, the body can heal. Naturally. Have back pain? Have sciatic pain? Want drug-free pain relief? You need Dr. B.
Cal B
Spring Lake, MI

For two years I saw my family doctor and a neurosurgeon because I was losing function in my left arm and could not use my left hand. I could not lift my left arm as high as my shoulder; I couldn’t grip with my left hand. My left leg wasn’t working properly –I had foot drop and could barely walk. I had a CT scan, two MRI’s, a PET scan, and a lot of bloodwork. I spent thousands of dollars. The doctors told me there was no blood clot, that I hadn’t had a stroke. They couldn’t tell me what was wrong, and I was getting worse. A friend of mine (who had seen two other chiropractors without getting any better), had then gone to Dr. Brusveen and was very pleased with him. When my daughter, a nurse, told me I should see a chiropractor, I went to Dr. B. My first adjustment was on a Friday. The next day I could raise my left arm above my head, and I had coordination in my hand. I could touch my left thumb to each of my fingers on that hand—something I couldn’t do before. And I could walk. My balance had been bad. I’d had to sit down to put my pants on (I was scared of falling in the shower because sometimes you have to stand on one leg); now I can stand to put on my pants. I was drooling a lot at night. Everybody does some, but I’m talking wet pillow, like somebody dumped a bucket of water on your pillow. Now I have very little, like everybody else.Dr. B told me that I might improve 50% after a month of care. I was over 50% better after two to three appointments in one week. Before I started seeing Dr. B my left leg wasn’t working properly. I had foot drop and stuff like that. Now I have a little, not bad. I have been seeing Dr. B for a week. I told my wife, even if this is all the better I get, that’s ok. I know it’s not getting worse.
Rick R.
Muskegon, Michigan

I had neck / lower back pain for 1 year. I tried Advil and bio freeze. I was taking a bottle of Advil, maybe two bottles, a week, just to get through work days and to go to sleep. When I did sleep, it was always tossing and turning all night. I never got a full 8 hours. Three days into my adjustments my pain was almost gone. I slept like a baby for 12 hours straight! It’s been 3 weeks and I have had no headaches. What an awesome feeling! Now that I receive care at Dr. B’s office, I can work, lift objects, sleep, move easily, I don’t have to take any more pain pills and I enjoy the day. Honest, his adjustments really work!-
Angela S.
Grand Haven, MI

I had numbness in my legs and arms for 1 year. The doctors did every test they could. Nothing showed any problems. The doctors had exhausted all possible tests for my symptoms. A friend recommended I try a chiropractor. I was willing to try anything that might help. I have been coming since 1989. I am much healthier and can do all things that I want. Which probably would not be the case had I not tried chiropractic. My therapy included the posture pump, roller table and cold laser. After only a few treatments, the constant numbness was gone. Now that I receive care at Dr. B’s office, I can do things without fear of my legs or arms giving way and falling or dropping things. It was probably 6 or 7 visits with Dr. B before I noticed some relief. I recommend Dr. B to those I know suffering with pain because he can help them if they will work with him on their care
Sheala R.

I had back pain. My therapy included the roller table. Now that I receive care at Dr. B’s office, I can move easily. He is thorough and very good at educating you on your problem – and solutions!
Cheryl V.

I had neck and back pain for 3 years. I tried ibuprofen. I also tried another chiropractor with little change in symptoms and physical therapy at Generation Care. I noticed significant relief with Dr. B’s treatments in three weeks. My therapy included the posture pump, roller table, cold laser, and traction. I have better range of motion. Now that I receive care at Dr. B’s office, I can turn my head freely from side to side. The staff is very friendly and efficient. I would recommend Dr. B to those I know suffering with pain because you get good results.
David Y.

My arm started acting up a week ago, getting all tingly and numb. I started going to Dr. B, and in less than a week, the tingling was gone. It was difficult to grab things, and not it is easier and the range of motion is so much better. It’s quicker than waiting for a doctor to see you and treat you. It’s totally worth it!
Felicia M.
Grand Haven, Michigan

“My husband and I were referred to Dr. B by another chiropractor that we had seen for about 2 years off and on. Dr. B made such a huge impact on my husband that I also started being adjusted for horrible headaches and neck pain that I had been experiencing. The last chiropractor that I was seeing used an activator and even though I would get some relief in my neck and head it would always come back. After seeing Dr. B for only a few visits I could not believe the difference in the way that I felt. The headaches were gone and the pain that I experienced when turning my head was almost gone. I received manual adjustments as well as the decompression table on my neck and I just could not believe the difference that it made in my everyday life. Dr. B and his staff are all so wonderful and I am so thankful that we were referred to him.”
Sherry B.

” I have been dealing with chronic pelvic pain for about a year now. My family doctor gave me a prescription of antibiotics to treat a urinary tract infection. After the medicine was gone the pain was not, it actually got worse. The family doctor then sent me to a urologist who performed some uncomfortable tests. The results were inconclusive, so I was then sent to pelvic floor rehabilitation. Though I had temporary relief of symptoms, they would just come back after two or three days. After thousands of dollars of medical treatment and no results. I was referred to chiropractic by a massage therapist. I was skeptical because I already went that route at the very beginning and received no relief. I thought that maybe with this new guy I would do better. After two months he said I should be feeling better, but once again only temporary relief then back to feeling discomfort and pain. This chiropractor to my amazement, said he did not think he was equipped to help me and referred me to Dr. Brusveen. Of course more skeptical than ever, I called up the clinic. The difference was noticeable right from the start. The staff empathized with me and listened to what I had been through. They spent time with me, mapped my feet, took x-rays, and looked my spine over. I was scheduled to come back the following day to discuss whether or not he could help me. I’ve been coming to the clinic since and what a difference it has made in my life. I have relief from my symptoms and feel like things are actually getting better. Dr. Brusveen has an approach different than I have ever experienced before. I am confident that I am on a permanent road to recovery.”
Jeremy L.

“I started coming to Dr. Brusveen in April 2013. After 5 back surgeries I was desperate. My medical doctor always told me that a chiropractor could not help me. After living with pain daily, pain that I could not live my life with, I gave the clinic a call.
Upon calling the clinic they understood how much pain I was in and got me in the same day. The staff treated me like I was their main priority and Dr.B took his time to really figure out what was wrong and how to correct my problem. For the first time in 16 years, I can now touch my toes. My everyday life is so much better now that I can do anything I want and not have to pay for it later. Dr. Brusveen has truly changed my life for the better and I am extremely grateful.”
Beverly V.

“I was referred to chiropractic care by a surgeon, I wanted to try all forms of conservative options before considering surgery. The pain in my low back and hips made it hard to get out of bed in the morning. The pain was intense and would last through the early afternoon every day. I had tried physical therapy, traction, traditional medicine, and injections, and although I got some relief, results were short term at best. I had even tried other chiropractors in the past with little success.
After seeing Dr. Brusveen over the last couple months, it is much easier to get my day started. I fall asleep faster and sleep better trough the night, waking up well rested. My sinuses are better too, I have not woken up with congestion like I used to. Dr. Brusveen taught me what I can do to improve my own health to help compliment my chiropractic care. I appreciate that he stocks supplements and other products that will further help me improve. I feel uplifted and hopeful that my pain can be managed and my overall health will be better. ” Mary S.

“I was referred to Dr. Brusveen by my father, who was greatly helped with his hip pain. My lower back pain was interfering with my daily activities, and it was getting worse. I had tried over the counter medications and icing, but neither gave me relief. I had to think about everything I wanted to do and how much pain it would cause me. When I worked in the garden, I would have to make sure to plan for having back pain later.
When I started getting adjusted, I was worried that my problem was too severe to be helped, but now the pain is mostly non-existent! I have so much more energy to do the things I want, and I don’t have to think about how it is going to affect my back. Dr. B has helped me to be able to live my life without worrying about pain.”
Amy K.

“Before coming to Brusveen Chiropractic, I suffered from frequent low back pain that made my life uncomfortable. I tried having cortisone joint injections, pain medication, and exercise to relieve my back pain, with little or no results. I was hesitant about chiropractic, because I had a bad experience at another office when I was younger.
I believe in chiropractic now, it really works! A friend referred me to Dr. Brusveen, and now I can live without pain. I sleep better and have much more energy, I can even sleep on my side, and walk better and without pain. I am much more comfortable, and therefore I have a better outlook on life. Brusveen Chiropractic has real success and I can tell they really care about the patient.”
David C.

“I started chiropractic care in late January. My legs hurt and my toes were numb – no feeling at all! I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with Dr.B. I wasn’t expecting what I got. He actually listened to me and now I am getting noticeable relief. It all started 2½ years ago with sciatic pain that made my right leg tight. I started to have a drop-step with that leg; my toes lost all feeling. My wife was having good success with her treatment and I wanted to see if I could be helped too. After just 2 or 3 visits with Dr B I have feeling in my toes and my pain is under control.”
Ron B.
Spring Lake, Michigan

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