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Dr. Mark Brusveen

Meet Dr. Brusveen!

Dr. B

"An old chiropractic saying is, “Chiropractic first, Drugs second, Surgery last.” This is truer now than ever."- Dr. Mark Brusveen

With over 30 years of practice experience and building of usable knowledge, my practice is now filled with certainty and better results.

Over the years, I have empowered my office with newer, high-tech equipment, furthered my experience in conditions like, whiplash, extremity injury, disc syndromes and pediatric care. We have also added options patients can choose to incorporate in to their care to increase their healing and enchantments for long term health.

Our typical patient has seen two to five medical doctors and most have been to one or more chiropractors. When they were referred to us, we do a full evaluation, and use other studies when possible such as, x-ray, blood work, MRI, to determine their possibilities in treatment. After we have presented care options, our patients can choose how in depth they want to go in their care. This is where thousands of previous care techniques and strategies help to give our patients some honest ideas and explications of their real outcome potentials.

Dr. Brusveen and his wife, Susan, have lived and worked in the Grand Haven community for many years. They have three sons: Dr. Kellen, a chiropractor in Allendale, MI; Kyle, a landscape architect in San Antonio, TX; and Dr. Kolton, an emergency room physician in Muskegon. The Brusveen’s are involved in many non-profit organizations. They
are active volunteers in their home church. Dr. B is a member of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors, the Christian Chiropractors Association and recognized
nationally in the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

When he’s not providing comprehensive chiropractic care, Dr. B enjoys bird hunting, relaxing at the lake, and spending time his family.

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