Degenerative Disc Disease

Sounds ominous doesn’t it? Well, in truth it’s a thinning of the disc, a situation that by its self only makes you stiff. Pain in the area would be from nerve irritation. Furthermore, it's really more a symptom than a diagnosis, but it can be a diagnosis.

Okay, so you have a disc wearing out. They’re very common. We even see them in some 20-year-olds at times. We treat many people with degenerative disc disease and have a very high rate of relief. You see, degenerative disc disease could be from an old injury or from poor nutrition. However --about 80% of the time--it is triggered by spinal misalignment and lack of movement in the vertebrae above and below the disc.

This leads to stiff hardened discs, which are more apt to tear and herniate. Remember, pain in the area is from nerve irritation.

Degenerative Disc Disease- not so scary if it's addressed properly:

First, mildly realign the vertebrae segments, restoring motion to the disc.

Second, review nutrition for the disc, because poor nutrition can be a factor in degenerative disc disease.

Third, understand that proper spinal postures and good ergonomics help support the health of the spine.

Fourth, do the recommended home exercise program regularly.

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