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Q: I feel fine. I had my physical. Why would I see a chiropractor?

A: Good! Who checked your teeth, your eyes, or maybe specialty organs?

A person should have four doctors:

      1. a primary care practitioner
      2. an eye doctor
      3. a dentist
      4. a chiropractor

The fact is there is very little overlap between these doctors. Also, so what if your P.A. said you are okay and you have no symptoms or finding?

A doctor of chiropractic checks and evaluates spinal/skeletal conditions in detail like no other doctor.

Be thorough. YOU are worth it.

Q: So, how do doctors of chiropractic help the body heal?

A: We reduce imbalances in a patient’s joints. Some of these imbalances are very slight, even a millimeter, but they can cause a great deal of discomfort.

We at Brusveen Chiropractic Clinic & Therapy use adjustments, not manipulation.

Q: What is the difference between adjustments and manipulations? Aren’t they different words for the same thing?

A: Spinal and extremity adjustments are detailed, minor realignments designed from information found on a patient’s x-rays. Because they are directed at only

one vertebrae or one joint, adjustments do not strain and inflame the area. In fact, they are designed to reduce strain and inflammation. They help the

muscles, ligaments, and tendons relax and heal. So, areas with tendonitis, capsulitis, plantar fasciitis, and pinched nerves have the support they need to heal.

Even in advanced bulged or torn spinal discs benefit from this approach of supportive healing.

Manipulations are general, designed to mobilize an area. Many times, they strain an area and make it sore.

It comes down to you. Would you like a specific tweak to a small area or a loosening of a whole area, hoping the ligaments pull it back together?

It’s your call.

Q: So what should I expect from Brusveen Chiropractic Clinic & Therapy (BCC)?

A: You can expect to have your spine and skeletal structure evaluated for problem areas. Some problems may even be so subtle as to not be causing health

concerns or symptoms, YET.

Next, we look at other areas not typically reviewed, such as your diet, water intake, rest patterns, stress potential, outlook, healthy exercise habits, and

sometimes accumulated burdens that drag down your health.

At BCC, we take the time to listen to you, something that is often missing in health care. Your insight could lead to the exact cause of your problem.

Our goal is healing for you. We all heal. Younger people heal faster and more thoroughly than older people.

However, it never ceases to surprise me how much improvement an older person can have in just a few weeks with the right help. Remember, minute spinal joint

or nerve irritation a millimeter or so can cause, at times, a great deal of pain and discomfort. Compare that to a 1/4" (6 mm) misalignment that, at times, is enough to cause paralysis. The small (1 mm) misalignment just causes malfunction, disorder and, at times, dis-ease.


We examine each patient, take standing x-rays, evaluate and correlate your symptoms to your spine, legs, knees, and feet.

Then we determine what and how to do the following:

1.Give you pain relief

2.Get you back to work or school

3.Care for your needs as healing is occurring

This process could take from 3 weeks to about 3 months.

In general, multiple types of care are used to help potentiate your recovery. Spinal decompression, spinal manual traction, spinal hands-on adjustments or instrument

adjusting, exercise, and possible supportive devices are part of our effective approach.

Q: What problems could a slight nerve irritation cause for months or even years?

A: What we do know is there are many types of nerves. Some nerves go to muscles (somatic nerves), and some extend from the neck and low back to slow and

relax the system and internal organs (parasympathetic nerves). Nerves in the middle back extend to speed up the system (sympathetic nerves).

We also know that autonomic (automatic) nerves do two very important things:

1.They stimulate blood flow to tissue. Remember, blood carries nutrients to cells, carries wastes/toxins away, and brings oxygen for life.

2.The other significant nerve function is stimulation of the glands, and glands make the chemicals to run the body.

These glands include the thyroid (master gland of all), stomach acid cells, pancreas, adrenals, pituitary gland, male and female glands.

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