Decompression Therapy

Patient using a spinal decompression machine

Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical, computerized traction-based treatment for the relief of back, leg pain, neck, or arm pain. Decompression therapy progressively pulls two vertebrae apart, creating space for the disc to go back into place and allowing the disc to heal properly. Decompression can help those suffering from herniated, protruding or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica or pinched nerves.

Our success rate in relieving pain and symptoms and/or avoiding surgery is over to 90%!

Our decompression is cost-effective. Neck (cervical) decompression is $40 per session. Lower Back (lumbar) decompression is $60 per session. Compare that to the expense of surgery or the pricey cost of treatment at other offices; Dr. Brusveen is the only chiropractor in the Grand Haven area with this specialized equipment.

Please contact us for a consultation and more information about decompression therapy. You may also read our many success stories and watch this short video about decompression therapy.

“I was going to a Chiropractor all the way in Grand Rapids spending over $160 per visit and they wanted me to do 30 decompression therapies!!! I was recommended by a friend to see Dr. B. After just a few visits and a fraction of the cost, I was feeling better than I have over the past 10 years! Something was different here, this was my 3rd chiropractor.” Dave C.

“I have been suffering with sciatica for the past 5 years, I have tried everything under the sun to stop this constant pain. After numerous calls looking for decompression, I finally found Dr. Brusveen and what a relief. Something was different here, this was my 3rd chiropractor and between accurate adjustments and decompression therapy, I am pain free!” Robert S.

“I have been to multiple medical specialists for constant arm pain and numbness. I was told my only options were surgery. My husband has been treated by Dr. Brusveen in the past and had great results but I was nervous to see a Chiropractic Doctor. I don’t know why I waited so long. Dr. Brusveen is an honest doctor that is here to help people. After a few light adjustments and neck decompression I can say I no longer have any symptoms and we are now working on my knee pain!” Sherry C.

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